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Ann Rosén (born 1956) is the composer, musician and visual artist who began her career in the visual arts in the 1980s with interactive, intelligent, and intriguing works. Since the 1990s, the artistic focus has been on music and soundart and Rosén has more than  hundred works behind her. The works have been performed at the Swedish Royal Opera, The Modern Museum in Stockholm, and South Bank in London, among others.

Rosén has played at clubs in Berlin and London, participated in everything from underwater concerts to international festivals such as hcmf//Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in UK and BIFEM in Australia . Rosén is also one of the founders of Syntjuntan, a trio of composers who for about ten years together with the audience sewed synths and then performed electroacoustic music on them.

Rosén’s art revolves around the exploration of interpersonal communication, how we can understand ourselves in relation to the outside world and the barriers that can arise between us and others.

Ann Rosén performance offer 2022/2023:
Link to a live performance: Drawing Sessions

Music and soundscapes emerge when graphite fuses with paper

Ann Rosén performs unique graphite drawings that are created live in front of the audience. The drawings and pencils are connected to electronics where the pencil is the instrument. Instantly, in the moment, she creates sound and music by drawing with graphite on paper. The live drawings are being filmed and projected in order to enhance the experience for the audience

Technical needs for venue to provide:

*A full range PA
*2x Microphone stand with boom
*Stable music stand or table 90 cm high aprox 50×30 cm
*Table approximately 80-90 cm high, 70×100 cm surface (for artist equipment)
*2 x XLR-cables to PA
*1 x video projector with HDMI connection
*1 x HDMI cabel

Artist brings:

*Camera for the video projection
*All materials needed for the drawings
*Computer, mixer & electronics

A larger performance format:

The solo performance can easily be scaled to include multiple cameras/more projections. In this case Ann Rosén brings one person to operate the livemixing process.

Ann Roséns record label: Schhh Records

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