15/9 2022 Sparkling Sound Festival-Frederiksberg Musikhus METRONOMEN

Nye værker opføres af de stærke lydkunstnere / elektroniske acts; svenske Ann Rosén (SE), Sten-Olof Hellström (SE), danske Søren Gorm og græske Tasos Stamou der er bosat i London. Poeten Lars Skinnebach åbner aftenen med digte i et klang-regi.
Ann Rosén: ”Flow” -Ved at tegne med grafit på papir kan Ann Rosén i øjeblikket, skabe lyd og musik ved at udnytte grafittens elektriske egenskaber. Flowet finder sted inden for de rammer, som papiret foran hende giver.

13/5 AKUSMATA POLYPHONIC 2022 @ Vuotalo Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Stepping Stones (Swe / Fin) 13/5-2022 18.00
(Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström, Petri Kuljuntausta, Mikko Raasakka)

AKUSMATA POLYPHONIC is an intensive sound art and electronic music event at Vuotalo Cultural Centre in Helsinki. Invited musicians, composers and sound artists are from Nordic countries, Germany and Finland, offering for the audience a wide spectrum of new sonic expression from the fields of experimental electronic music, sound art, noise and ambient. The program includes modular sound systems, do-it-yourself musical instruments, and improvised music with attitude. Read more


5/5 – 29/5 2022 @ FORUM BOX Helsinki

H2O sound installation by Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström.
A part of Harrie Liveart exhibition at Forum Box Helsinki.

There is nothing more essential to life on earth than water! But due to our way of life the supply of clean water is rapidly decreasing. Every day more than 800 children under 5 die from diarrhea caused by lack of clean water.

 H2O is an immersive, multi-channel sound installation reflecting on the earths vanishing water supply. The sounds, their behavior, how they move, interact with each other and manifest themselves in the installation space is governed by software running on a Bela/Beaglebone computer.