In a small room – album release – November 25 2020

Album cover: In a small room Artist: Ann Rosén Schhh Records

On November 25, noise artist Ann Rosén’s solo album In a Small Room (SE3JQ20001) will be released on Schhh Records. In a small room contains eight tracks, which are recordings from Rosén’s live-streamed Wednesday Drawings – unique graphite drawings that are created in front of an audience and connected to live electronics, where the pencil is the instrument that controls the whole soundscape and Rosén is the musician, conductor, sound engineer and composer all at the same time.

The works have been broadcasted live via Youtube during the summer and autumn of 2020 and are now being released in recorded format. The sound is rhythmic, playful and challenging.

Rosén’s art revolves around the exploration of interpersonal communication, how we can understand ourselves in relation to the outside world and the barriers that can arise between us and others. In a small room is characterised by the barriers that the past year has entailed, when musicians have not been able to meet their audience live, and contains tracks such as Time Lag Sadness and Disconnected. The sounds that Ann Rosen processes, turn in side out, squeezes, stretches, pick apart and rebuild originates from recordings of the great Swedish Horn player Sören Hermansson.

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