2012/12/03 21.00 HR performing in DrJohn’s, Limerick

HR – Sten-Olof Hellström and Ann RosénThey have worked together for over 20 years with a number of projects, sound installations, dance-performances, compositions etc. and have performed together as Hellrose, Encharm and Never Less Than 4 Speakers. They are however better known through their successful work as individual artists, Ann as a visual artist then a sound artist and later as a composer and Sten-Olof as a composer. Both Ann and Sten-Olof have also received recognition as members of other constel

lations, Ann as the founding member of Syntjuntan and Sten-Olof as one half of As Good As It Gets and also as a member of Zapruda Trio. The idea of Ann and Sten-Olof joining forces again as a performance duo has been brewing for a few years and has finally resulted in HR.
Ann will perform with her dielectric apron and bracelet spiced with analog filters.
Sten-Olof will perform with his rumble box and micromodular synt.