21 December 2022 Interwoven Sounds Spaces – Tension by Ann Rosén





New works by: Ana Maria Rodriguez, Ann Rosén, Cat Hope, Malte Giesen.


The workshop concert explores the possibilities of telematic music performances in new music. Ensembles in Berlin and Piteå present performing and interacting together at a distance and explore new musical ensemble practices through textile and network technologies.

Can two ensembles performing hundreds of kilometers apart in Berlin and Piteå, Sweden, tangibly make music and interact with each other and in this way create a completely new musical experience for the audience and the ensemble playing of the musicians in both places? This is exactly what the project “Interwoven Sound Spaces” explores, the possibilities of telematic music performances in new music. New textile and network technologies enable a tangible interaction between musicians* who are spatially in different places. The results of this research will be presented by “Interwoven Sound Spaces” in a joint interactive workshop concert with Ensemble KNM in Berlin and Ensemble Norrbotten NEO in Piteå, Sweden.

More information at: https://www.interwovensoundspaces.com/

28/5 2022 H2O live @ Forum Box Helsingfors

H2O live is a sound performance reflecting on the earths vanishing water supply. Ann Rosén performs unique water soundscapes live in front of the audience. Instantly and in the moment, she creates sound and music by drawing with graphite on paper, utilising the graphites electrical properties. H2O Live is a performance version Ann Rosén’s and Sten-Olof Hellström’s H2O sound installation that is a part of Harrie Livearts exhibition att Forum Box.

H2O live är en ljud performance som reflekterar över jordens försvinnande vattenförsörjning. Av olika vattenljud väver Ann Rosén unika ljudlandskap live inför publiken. Omedelbart och i ögonblicket skapar hon ljud och musik genom att rita med grafit på papper utnytjande grafitens elektriska egenskaper. H2O Live är en performanceversion av Ann Roséns och Sten-Olof Hellströms H2O-ljudinstallation som är en del av Harrie Livearts-utställning på Forum Box.


2012/12/03 21.00 HR performing in DrJohn’s, Limerick

HR – Sten-Olof Hellström and Ann RosénThey have worked together for over 20 years with a number of projects, sound installations, dance-performances, compositions etc. and have performed together as Hellrose, Encharm and Never Less Than 4 Speakers. They are however better known through their successful work as individual artists, Ann as a visual artist then a sound artist and later as a composer and Sten-Olof as a composer. Both Ann and Sten-Olof have also received recognition as members of other constel

lations, Ann as the founding member of Syntjuntan and Sten-Olof as one half of As Good As It Gets and also as a member of Zapruda Trio. The idea of Ann and Sten-Olof joining forces again as a performance duo has been brewing for a few years and has finally resulted in HR.
Ann will perform with her dielectric apron and bracelet spiced with analog filters.
Sten-Olof will perform with his rumble box and micromodular synt.