28/11/08 Blink, choreography Maija Hirvanen, music Ann Rosén


Choreography: Maija Hirvanen
Music: Ann Rosén

Performed at Fylkingen 28/11/08

Ann Rosén, Anna-Maija Terävä and Maija Hirvanen performed the second version of a choreography entitled BLINK at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden 28th Nov. 08. Now the evolution of BLINK has started – at Fylkingen with a mix of Ann’s sound work and new bits of text as well as movement developed for the specific situation. Whereas in

the beginning, the performance worked with ideas of photographic control both in sound and movement, in the end the performers were walking around the space, tilted backwards in strange positions. In their hands, they had sound bags (and this is literal), which Ann has designed specifically for the performers – the sound bouncing in the space in the end includes Finnish tango, camera sounds, tender noice and a sound of a film projector. ref

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