Ann Rosén’s work received attention in The Wire

Ann Rosén’s work has just received attention in The Wire, the world’s largest independent music magazine. The magazine has a full page about Ann’s art, please read here (no. 446, behind the paywall). The site also has samples from Drawing Sessions, see film here.

“Rosén, who initially trained as a sculptor, is particularly interested in relationships between apparent opposites. Her recent digital release In a small room features recordings from an ongoing series of drawing sessions, streamed weekly on her YouTube channel. Computer software, which she designed, translates the graphite marks she makes upon sheets of paper into gritty, grainy, glitchy strokes of sound. Her gestures take effect simultaneous in the visual and acoustics spheres and the clear-cut distinction between graphic and sonic art is erased as each performance generates its own score.”

Extract from the article by Julian Cowley in The Wire Magazine, no 446, March 2021