Ann Rosén was originally trained as a sculptor and has been active as a sound artist and composer since the 90s.


As well as creating sound installations she composes both instrumental and electroacoustic music often utilising her self-made electronic instruments.
Ann Rosén  is the founder and artistic leader of The Barrier Orchestra/ Barriärorkestern  that had it’s permiere  at Fylkingen 2015.

Her trans-disciplinary umbrella project The Great Barrier Orchestra aims to challenge our inner and outer barriers, the ones we carry inside ourselves and the ones we encounter in the world around us.



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Ljudexkursioner 2014
VATT (Stockholm Konst) 2010
Syntjuntan 2009-2019
Sound inserts 2007
Schhh… (exhibition) 2005
Tystljudskulptur / Silent Sound Sculpture 2001-2003
Port (Kulturhuvudstadsåret-1998)
News Memory 1994