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Ann Rosén (born 1956) is the composer, musician and artist who began her career in the visual arts in the 1980s with interactive, intelligent, and intriguing works. Since the 1990s, the artistic focus has been on music and sound art and Rosén has more than one hundred works behind her. The works have been performed at the Swedish Royal Opera, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and South Bank in London, among others.

Rosén has played at clubs in Berlin and London, participated in everything from underwater concerts to international festivals such as BIFEM in Australia and Sines and Squares in England. Rosén is also one of the founders of Syntjuntan, a trio of composers who for about ten years together with the audience sewed synths and then performed electroacoustic music on them.

Rosén’s art revolves around the exploration of interpersonal communication, how we can understand ourselves in relation to the outside world and the barriers that can arise between us and others.

Her recent project on Youtube Drawing Sessions and the album In a Small Room are characterised by the barriers that the past year has entailed, when musicians have not been able to meet their audience live.

Vardagsrummet / The Living Room is a scene for experimental music and sound art, run by Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström in the tiny village of Östra Hoby, Skåne, Sweden. There is only room for a little more than 30 people, but on the other hand Vardagsrummet contains of 24 channels and speakers placed near, far from, above, below and surrounding the audience. Local and global sound artists and musicians offer you spatial, musical experiences far away from the musical highways.

Ann Rosén is also the founder and artistic leader of Barriärorkestern / The Barrier Orchestra that had its premiere at Fylkingen in 2015. This trans-disciplinary project aims to challenge our inner and outer barriers – the ones we carry inside ourselves and the ones we encounter in the world around us. Barriärorkestern consists of musicians that are chosen because of their unique skills, and their willingness to challenge, take the bar, and use their own barriers to develop the music.
Barriräorkestern is one of many artistic projects under the umbrella Stora Barriärorkestern / The Great Barrier Orchestra.

Other, earlier sound art and music ensembles are Ris & Ros, Knyppel, Hellström & Rosén (HR) and Elsy and the Needle.

Ann Rosén’s latest records are released on Schhh… Records and the music is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon and Youtube. Schhh Records is a label promoting unique sound art and music. Schhh Records promotes artists that take an extra step, whether they are refining their work, or they challenge boundaries and explore uncharted territories.

A lot of Ann Roséns recent projects can be seen on Vimeo.
You can follow Ann Roséns work on Youtube and Instagram.

Please see some selected projects from Ann Rosén’s earlier career:

Drawing Music 2019-
Stora Barriärorkestern / The Great Barrier Orchestra 2012-
Ljudexkursioner 2014
ZO-4 2011
Violin och Knämudd 2011
VATT  (Sätra Torg) 2010
Zonula Occludens 2009
Syntjuntan 2009-2019
Sound inserts 2007
Schhh… (exhibition) 2005
Tyst ljudskulptur / Silent Sound Sculpture 2001-2003
Port (Kulturhuvudstadsåret) 1998
Frukost /Beakfast Action 1996
News Memory 1994

Ann Roséns earlier websites contains many exciting findings from the past:

1994-2008 (formerly

Earlier events can be found here: 2008–2015