The tour de bord experiment

A night of truly innovative, interdisciplinary curation boasting some of south England’s most promising new practitioners in contemporary performance, new media installation, interactive, participatory and visual arts installation, experimental choreography live and spoken art, sound-scapes and live music. Continue… › › ›

From a location to be disclosed in East London, the Tour de Bord Experiment explores the city as a myriad of different cultural forms, where new generations are born upon a landscape of urban decay, stretching far beyond view of those trapped behind the distant windows of tradition.

Searching the hiding places amongst secret hierarchies or in observation of those dwelling, invisible, maintaining the vestibules and corridors of the interwoven tapestry which makes up our city; the tour de bord explores the creeping connectivity of our contemporary urban world amidst a tombstone abandoned, like a marker to the memory of our own infrastructural positions.

Featuring new media installation from Kathy Hinde and Ann Rosen contemporary performance from Katharine Fry, Beatrice Jarvis, Stavroula Kounadia and Neil Luck partisipatory fresco from Cristina Guitan, installations and visual arts from the bow arts trust, Seecum Chung, the UK Unknown and Dimitris Papadatos amidst a backdrop experimental sounds and ancient vinyls from Sound Through, the ARCO Collective and Bristol’s best in performative poetics with a host of live art from regulars at the SHUNT Vaults.

The Tour de Bord Experiment will take place on Friday the 15th from 19:30

A one off site specific event in central in East London. The secret location will be released through a special mailout, to those who have booked.

Bookings can be made by contacting events@cultura3.net

The central line, district line, the DLR & over-ground trains

Busses D8, 8, 452, 108, 276 425

Very close to late bus stop for the N8